Hi! I’m Whitney

Whitney Daniels - WRKDesignsI’m a graphic designer, surface pattern designer, entrepreneur, Etsy shop owner, maker, mother to twin girls, wife, and all around crafty chick.

I opened WRKDesigns in 2010 as a full service surface pattern and graphic design studio in Syracuse, New York. WRKDesigns is my means to bring my various creative endeavors to life: from graphic design services and the creation of repeated surface pattern designs to working with recycled materials making handmade goodies. You can find links to it all here.

I am available for hire, freelance, and commission. Drop me a line.

10 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I’m an introvert.
  2. I’m not a fan of milk chocolate.
  3. I love plants and do great with my vegetable garden, but tend to kill every houseplant I bring home. Cactus included.
  4. I love cupcakes. Especially chocolate with butter cream icing.
  5. I love the color teal, paired with mustard and gray. Unbeatable color combination.
  6. I love DIY projects, but I’m afraid of big power tools, so I make my husband help.
  7. I could watch cooking competition shows all day long and be a happy camper
  8. I tend to talk to myself quite often. Not in a the creepy psycho way though, I promise.
  9. I love Thanksgiving because I have an excuse to stuff myself silly. Not that I need an excuse, but I really love food.
  10. I love being a twin mom. It’s tough and was completely unexpected, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

WRKDesigns Services

Graphic Design:

I offer a wide variety of graphic design services, from logo development to magazine design. I work with start up small businesses as well as large corporations to streamline their marketing and company image. See some of my work here: Design

Surface Pattern Design:

I have a passion for creating surface pattern designs and have a large collection of designs available for license and outright purchase. If you are a buyer/art director you can register to view my online pattern portfolio here: Surface Pattern



I also have a few online shops offering an assortment of handmade and original design products, including: handmade gifts made from recycled materials, such as magazine earrings and tshirt baby bibs. You can view my available shops here: Shops


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